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Electrical Services

New & replacement outlets

The Electrician is always ready to help you, upgrade your home’s outlets.

Outlets and switches are your main points of contact with your homes electrical system and are subject to the most wear and tear. Many of your home’s outlets are wired through each other, so if one fails it can cause multiple outlets to not work, that’s why we suggest you leave it to us. We keep our service trucks stocked so we have the right color, style, or function to meet your needs.

Our customers need to add outlets for all types of reasons. Some outlets are simple and can be installed quickly, others may require more extensive work and need their own circuit. No matter what the function all outlets have one thing in common, they need to be installed safely and with care. Our satisfaction guarantee means we will only use the best quality materials and take the same care with your install as we would at our own family’s homes. 

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